About us


Attorneys Association «Pravochin» is one of the strongest on the Ukrainian legal market.

Having been founded in 2004, the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company has became a nationwide attorneys-at-law, that have built its reputation as an effective judicial adviser.

We offer highly qualified legal expertise and effective representation in the courts throughout Ukraine.

“Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company takes place with  the central office in Kiev, its brunch business in Kharkiv and Poltava, as well as representatives in other regions of the country, which make our possibility within the Ukrainian jurisdiction unlimited.

If necessary and with the concurrence with the client we actively cooperate with the media and the public to protect the rights and interests of our clients. Such the instrument of the protection strengthens  the legal positions of our clients.

We are working on the Ukrainian, Russian and English.



The work of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company is dignified by gratitude and appreciations from the customers. To find out more about the representative experiences and recommendations of the clients you should make the request.



The recognition of the high quality of judicial practice and legal expertise “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company repeatedly is confirmed by leading legal Ukrainian ratings “Top 50 attorneys-at-Law companies of Ukraine” and  “The TOP 100 Best Lawyers of Ukraine".