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Lawyers of AA «Pravochin» won the dispute with the tax, defending the interests of one of the largest advertising agencies in Ukraine


Lawyer of AA «Pravochin» Sergiy Rymar and assistant attorney Michael Voitsehovskiy presented the interests of Geometry Global Ukraine in the District Administrative Court of Kiev in a lawsuit with tax specialists.

The essence of the dispute is that the tax inspection of one of the districts of the city of Kiev during the scheduled inspection of Geometry Global Ukraine established the understating by the enterprise of the profit tax and the value-added tax. Also, the tax authorities saw violations in the fact that the enterprise did not withhold tax on the income of a non-resident in the form of royalties, which was the reason for taking appropriate tax notifications-decisions.

The lawyers of AA «Pravochin» proved the legitimacy of their client's actions, confirmed the absence of any understatement of taxes and once again reminded tax officers that the tax legislation of Ukraine is not limited to the Tax Code, but includes also international treaties that may provide for preferential taxation regimes.

Successfully selected tactics of judicial protection and a clearly formed legal position led to the court's decision to satisfy the claims in full and to cancel all notifications-decisions.