Pro bono

Pro bono practice is an integral part of the activity of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company in the market of legal services, the realization that the lawyer as well as the citizens cannot exist outside society. Providing pro bono services is a realization of our calling to be useful for society and fulfill the social function of advocacy, take active part in building the Rule-of- Law State. In fact, since its foundation the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company has provided free legal assistance to persons who are unable to pay for the received legal services. Since 2011 the company introduced a day of free legal assistance which is held every Thursday. Finally at the beginning of 2012 the managing partner of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company approved the concept of provision of the free legal assistance on the scope of which we provide legal consultations to unprotected groups of people on issues inherent to our practice. Hundreds of people used the service of free legal assistance during the years of providing such service by the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company.

However, we do not limit our pro bono work only by the free consultations. Specialists of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company actively work on developing and updating of legal documents in a bid to improve the quality of Ukrainian legislation, improvement of investment attractiveness, implementation of international agreements in this sphere by Ukraine. The Attorneys-at-Law Company “Pravochyn” supports talented youth and actively participates in the work of legal clinics, conducting of students’ competitions in law. Specialists of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company come out with lectures on legal topics in universities of Kyiv.

Our global partner in the implementation of Pro bono activity is the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) - is the largest association of human rights organizations in Ukraine, which unites 30 human rights NGOs. UHHRU purpose is to facilitate the practical implementation of humanitarian articles of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) of 1975 and all other obligations of Ukraine in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Recent projects:

- Protection of interests’ of the activist of the “Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union”  Maxym Shcherbatyuk in litigation with Ukrzaliznytsia on a violation of his rights as a passenger of the train “Hyundai” (Solomianskyi District Court of Kyiv and Appeal Court of Kyiv);

- Speech of the managing partner of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company before students of the National Aviation University with a lecture on the topic: "International treaties in the sphere of aviation";

- Participation of the managing partner of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company in the students’ moot court competition in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy;

- Representation the interests of an individual in the case on recognition of a citizen incapable (Desnyanskyi District Court of Kyiv).

- Participation of the associate partner of the “Pravochyn” Attorneys-at-Law Company in the working group on development the Law of Ukraine "On airports."

         - Protection of right of the residents of Sviatoshynsky district of Kyiv for clean environment and the ability to use the green zone in Kyiv in dispute            with the developer (District Administrative Court of Kyiv and Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal).

        Representation of the individual in a dispute with the airline «Austrian Airlines» on the right to refund the cost of the passenger ticket due to                    cancellation (Pechersk District Court of Kyiv).


The concept of providing free care: