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The Ukrainian market of legal services in the sphere of family law has some peculiarities caused by rather large number of private lawyers and only several law firms offering such services. Pravochin Attorneys-at Law Company is among them.

Practicing in this sphere was caused by the life itself, namely by a large popularity of consultations on family law among our clients – private persons. Besides, a large number of clients in this sphere of law includes managers and employees of corporate clients of Pravochin. And it is absolutely clear, justified and logical.

The increase number of requests for consultations of the "family" lawyer before arising any family problem is a positive trend. People’s understanding with regard to settling family problems by non-judicial ways, without emotions, recriminations and digging up the dirty on each other is forming now and this process needs to be supported and welcomed in every possible way.

Advising our clients in the sphere of family law we try to closely cooperate with professional mediators that quite often leads to avoiding a judicial scenario of settling a conflict.

If the parties unable to solve the family disputes in a civil out-of-court way or it is impossible due to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian legislation (for example cases of termination of parental rights, paternity establishment etc.) Pravochin provides top-quality services on protection of their rights and interests in court, services which are based on profound knowledge and experience of practical application of norms and regulations of the family law and civil process as well as corporate law and legislation of other states (cases on separation of corporate rights and property outside of Ukraine).


Consultations in a wide range of questions related to the Ukrainian family law;

Complex f services on preparation, conclusion and termination of marriage contracts;

Representation of a client in court with regard to annulment of marriage, separation of the family property, determination of a child residence, paternity establishment, termination of the parental rights, collection of the alimony, removal of obstacles in communication with children etc.